Parbold Duathlon Race Report: Ena Bites the Parbold Bullet and comes off unscathed…..

Finally  time to bite the 3 times up Parbold hill Duathlon bullet (Ed – not sure if this was mentioned in the pre briefing….much). Not a good start to the day when my alarm didn’t go off. This is my worst nightmare because a) I have to be manically early for everything and b) my race day nerves are legendary. Dashed out of the house with the encouraging words of my husband (“Try not to throw up”)  following me, and was still one of the first to arrive on a glorious morning (Ed- Oh the irony of Ena being late and still being one of the first ones there!)

Registered, racked, final prep’s made as the crowds began to gather and we all started peeling off layers realising it was going to be a warm one. So we’re off. Road start for a nice little undulating run to ease us in and get warmed up. Part one done, feeling good and ready for the bike.

Managed to get about 100m further up Parbold than I thought I would, before that Fiona Hilton over took me! The only good thing about getting overtaken by a mate is watching her chick others in front of you! (Sorry chaps!) Most people would have been nervous about the 3 time ascent of Parbold. Piece of cake. What is terrifying,  is the 3 time descent of Hunter’s! Scary stuff. Think I managed to be a tiny bit braver each time and even got a PR but there’s still a lot of work to do there. Part two done and now back to what I’m stronger on.

However, and I’m not sure how this happened,  the nice, little undulating run had been ramped up to a steep, hideous monster and I think, was at least a mile longer. It turned into a bit of a slog but once you can sense the finish line somehow you realise there is always a little push left inside you. Crossed the line with a smile on my face at any rate (Ed – yes, a smile on every ‘Vidal Sassoon esq photo taken)

Good show by WTC in competitors and support and as always Epic Events put on a great race helped by the ever smiling, encouraging marshals. The weather always helps but this is a race that should be in everyone’s diary.

And I managed the V50 win. One good thing about getting older – there isn’t as much competition!

(Ed – A great effort Ena, and only stage one in the Mason/Hilton battle of 2016)

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