Andy Gaskell loses his virginity! Ulverston triathlon race report..

Triathlon virginity that is!

After missing out on the parbold race I was really looking forward to the ulverston triathlon!

Started to feel nervous as the race got nearer and tried to make sure I didn’t forget any essentials as were travelling up to the lakes on holiday the day before. Early start Sunday morning with Anita and Emily eager to come along and cheer me on, so glad I got there 2hrs before my swim time as I could get set up and check out how things are done. (Ed – Well done on getting there early, we usually saunter up at events just as race briefing starts!)

After spotting a few friendly faces and getting good advise from the marshals I was set up in transition all neat and tidy, had a little scare before this as my bike was deemed unroadworthy as I was missing a ‘bar end’ but a kind Marshall taped it up and I was allowed into transition. (Ed – we offer some bike maintenance sessions, come on down to the next one 😉 )

The pre race brief was really good and settled a few nerves, the next thing I remember was 3.2.1 go, and I was off . The swim was a blur, totally miscounted and was surprised when I got the signal that I had 2 lengths to swim.  I entered t1 to torrential rain and to find my carefully layed out area drenched and blown about.  Looking back I think the transition was a bit messy but I was soon on my bike. The bike route had been shortened due to gale force winds, nobody passed me and I passed a few so I felt ok at this point.  Had to do the bike on the big cog as I couldn’t change down to small cog, bike was playing up. Don’t think this affected me too much though. (Ed – #bigring we applaud that kind of effort!! but maintenance session..)

T2 was quite smooth I think and with some words of encouragement from Anita and Emily I was trying to get a run going. My trusty garmin hadn’t got a signal so I had no idea what pace I was going at, it wasn’t quick but I passed around 7 runners which keeps you going. (Ed – pace should be blowing out your backside from the start, don’t need a watch to tell you that)  I could hear Emily shouting me as I had ran towards the finishing line. Phew, Finished! Brilliant! Had no idea of my time but felt good.Was advertised as an ideal first triathlon as it proved to be so. Big thanks to all the marshals and the great support on the day, and to all at tri club who have helped me over last 6 months or so. (Ed – not been speaking to our swim coach then? don’t worry he’ll bore you to death soon!)

Bring on the next one…

Ed – Well done Andy, great effort for you first race, especially in those conditions.  Looked like a dry swim at least! Now the family know how much fun races are, there are still some slots left for you at IMUK…  See you at the next race, I had to sit this one out, life threatening bout of man flu!


Good job we don’t have our new try suits yet (Chairman not ordered them!), wouldn’t want to get it dirty in those conditions!

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