Dave Berrys Clitheroe Wedding Day Tri Report

Sunday 10th April saw two major events in the calendar. Clitheroe short distance Triathlon by the team at Epic Events, and Dave Berry was to be wed to Cheryl Wharton – so why not combine the two and make a day of it….so thought David – this is his take on the days events:

Now before I get onto the report for this race. I must stress that it did all start as a joke! [Ed – Excuses in the first sentence Berry, thats outstanding even for you]
So take it back a few weeks prior to my wedding day. Where my wife Cheryl (as bride to be) was stressing about the day, worried that I was going to do something stupid like cycle to the venue. So I kept winding her up further and further until I then said “I know, Clitheroe Tri is on the wedding day; I could do that…” and the joke went on with Ste and others going along with it. Until to my complete surprise when Cheryl just cracked saying “fine do your stupid triathlon but if you are 1minute late….”! So permission gained we booked onto it before she changed her mind. So with a big thanks to Chris and Marc who squared it away to get us to set off in the 1st wave we were all set to race!
So after a terrible night sleep due to nerves I was up at 5am to have a few brews [Ed – when Berry says a few lets just assume double figures], breakfast and wait for Ste to pick me up (as bestman it was his job to make sure I didn’t get injured in the race and get me to the venue on time). So off we set on a cold and frosty morning to Clitheroe [Ed – it was -2 when we got to Clitheroe……brrrr]; where we met Dan and Sean who were racing with us in the 1st wave. So after racking my bike and organising my kit; I quickly realised that I would need some gloves for the bike after stupidly forgetting mine; so quickly ran to TES mobile shop to buy some (Best decision ever as after 3miles on the bike the outside of the gloves had ice on them but fingers were nice and warm).
So after a quick race brief we where off on the swim with me chasing down Ste and Dan who where in my lane. I took it steady slowly gaining and eventually over taking them both (think lack of swim training for those two was clearly evident) [Ed – ooooh, get her]. I exited the pool, running through slutch into transition to find all my neatly laid out kit completely caked in confetti; I mean everywhere; in my shoes, trainers, top, helmet…. it stuck to everything which then stuck to a soaking wet me….great (I mean if the others lads wanted to to slow me down that much they could have just asked; I could have had a quick brew waiting for them)! So after spending a few minutes sifting through my kit to get sorted. The chuckle brothers arrived after getting lost from pool to transition…(how???) [Ed – it was all Dans fault, his comment was “Marc didn’t say to follow the cones in the briefing”…pfft]…then Dan managing to do a muddy power slide in transition.
After donning my tux I set off on the bike after almost slipping…people holding there breath as I did [Ed – did you smell then?].
I passed two racers in front of me and felt like I was on my own for ages wondering if I was going the right way. The conditions where not great this early; with my bike cutting through ice at one point, so was extra cautious on all corners as definitely couldn’t afford to make any mistakes…not today with wedding ahead of me.
I had heard muttering about Jeffery Hill before the day but didn’t think anything of it, but recent lack of bike training was evident as I attempted to tackle it…[Ed – Im loosing count, is that excuse number 3?] I was very quickly blowing out my ar*e; it felt like my lungs where going to blow…after surviving the hill without walking! I looked over my shoulder to see Ste taking full advantage of my cautious descending; quickly over taking me.
I didn’t let him get too far out of sight for the remaining 6 miles, coming into transition not too far behind him. I breathed a sigh of relief as at least the risky part was over!
After slipping on my shoes and snapping my glasses (great!!) I was off on the run. After slipping everywhere for the 1st few hundred meters I hit the road…losing Ste out of sight and realising the impact that the lack of run training has had on me [Ed – excuse number 4 and counting…..]; as I just struggled to pick up speed or accelerate. Realising that I was never going to catch Ste up, I just kept my pace and enjoyed all the banter and comments from everyone in response to my attire. Coming through finish line I was showered with yet more confetti from Ste then laughing at the sight Stef wrestling and struggling with a giant party popper failing to set it off; after which giving up only to be shocked out of his skin by it going off anyway in his hand [Ed – ahem, I don’t think its the first time this has happened for Stef]. All in all a fantastic start to brilliant Wedding Day!

I am now probably in a minority club of people who have done a Triathlon on there wedding day; so who’s up for joining me?? [Ed – I think the Race made the day for you there Dave, sounds like your best man had your back and got you to the church on time…que Bowie…]

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