Sandra’s Sunny Day Out to Southport….

Sunday 22nd May saw the Southport marina area transformed into a triathlon mecca, with a sprint and standard distance open water triathlon to select from. Wigan Tri member, Sandra Worthington opted to race the sprint tri in what is turning out to be a very busy year of racing… she building up for something big that we don’t know about??. Anyway, have a read of her race report below:

So having ‘popped the tri cherry’ with Ulverston and then Edge Hill, I decided to do the Southport Tri at the weekend, which was my first open water one (and the course description of ‘bike – flat, run – flat’ did influence me a bit). Plus I’ve got the new snazzy Wigan Tri suit and a new outfit is always a good incentive. [Ed – the new suits knock at least 5 mins of anyones time as well…..honest]

It was huge in terms of numbers, great atmosphere and the sun came out just as we were getting into the water at about 9am. Having got in and off the slip, I touched the bottom – ONCE. Whatever went in between my toes wasn’t going there again and that was the last time my feet touched the bottom until I got out on the other side [Ed – dare we ask!]. Having said that, the water was about 17’C and surprisingly comfortable. I’ve also learned that I seriously need to get my transition act together and not use it as a bit of a breather and mini picnic, but am sure that’ll come with more practice [Ed – nope, Ive been practicing it for years and I’m getting slower…hmmm]

The atmosphere was brilliant and it was nice to hear people’s very different reasons for being there, some for fun and some very inspirational. There was also plenty of encouragement along the way (especially from competitors biking/running past me – yes thank you for that people, but it was very supportive).

So I’ll leave it there, just looking forward to the swim in Derwent next week and then the tri in Leeds in June. The training with Fiona, Steve and co is paying off – I honestly never thought I’d do a triathlon 18 months ago and now looking forward to my 4th.

Thanks chaps!

Sandra x

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