NW Regional Junior Club Championships – Salt Ayre 2015

On Saturday 19th of September a number of our Junior members took part in the regional club championship races. As chairman, I could not of been prouder of the efforts from everyone who took park, steely determination and a real competitive spirit are just some of the thoughts I had as I watched these youngsters compete…..and worry, already they all swim faster than me, now looks like the bike and run are also in jeopardy 🙁

For full individual and team results please follow the link below:



Some of the juniors who raced agreed to share their experience with everyone, in a bid to show what a fun day it was……wasn’t it….

Matthew Holliday

It was the North West club championships, the taxi driver (AKA the chairman Steve) came to pick me up he was 15 minutes late because he forgot the tri suits. We then went to pick Charlotte up and then set off to Lancaster. On the way there we stopped at the services so Steve could get a coffee and then set off, on the long journey we talked about the Olympic athletes that will represent Britain in Rio. When we got there we registered and then proceeded to get ready it was Charlottes turn to race first so we watched her and she won [Ed – this in no way set the expectations for the rest of the team did it….]. Then we watched Matt Rodger race and he was in the mixed race in t3. Then it was my turn and in my lane for the swim was the British champion, and no surprise he beat me in the swim, but I was close I had a bad transition because I had put my shoes at the back and not at the front, so I proceeded onto the bike in around 6th position. I didn’t have the best bike and came off in the same position on the run, I was dying and got passed but I came into the finish in 11th place and I was happy to say that I hadn’t been training or racing for a long time on the way home we stopped for a burger and then carried on home. [Ed – Great effort Matt, but you did forget to mention how much fun you had, I know it you were smiling all the way round…]

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