The hottest competition since the lottery…..

As a follow on to the email sent to our members 28 Sept’15, I have been thinking about the club name and logo competition some more and to help guide your ideas I am putting forward the following guidelines. Remember, I need your ideas by the end of October. Rough sketches are OK, just take a photo with the phone and message me on FB or send via email, alternatively give me your scribbles at one of the sessions in the month.

Creativity Is The Key

sobilogobigblueI am looking for as many ideas as possible on the club name, logo and colour scheme (tri suit design). I will make a prize available of vouchers from our partner The Endurance Store to the idea that acts as the catalyst for the end solution. It doesnt have to be a perfect design, we will take the winning idea and get a professional graphic designer onto it to produce the club logo (& name), tri suit layout and posters.

So how to go about this.

1. Think about the name first. Are you recommending we keep Tri Team Wigan (TTW), or something else. I am already getting feedback about using Wigan Triathlon Club – so consider this.

2. Now think about the logo. Drop the 3 circles currently used, get creative, think colours – but be careful not to mix up with other clubs. Use the web, look at other clubs and Triathlon logos, again use this to help you think as we cant just use a copy of what is already out there. Think about what Wigan is famous for, think about what you feel TTW Wigan stands for and what it means to you.

Some points that I will be looking for:

  • make it attractive; just like my good self
  • don’t use the frequently used swim bike run stick men
  • make it memorable; people will be instantly able to associate it with the club…I know when I eat a pie now I think of team Pie!
  • The logo does not have to have the club name in it, thats an option. We can have a logo and the wording underneath etc
  • Don’t just look at Triathlon images, consider company logo’s – check out this link for inspiration –
  • most important, keep it simple. Whatever we choose needs to be used on the website, facebook and clothing

Now I have already started sketching some utterly brilliant images, to the extent I have already chosen the shoes I want from TES, the best one a man on a bike with white overshoes on (don’t worry, not many people will get this), so

Members – get your pens ready……

Good luck,

Ste Hilton, Chairman

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