Pool Swimming

Pool Swim


Saturady; Hindley Swimming Pool, Wednesday; Wigan Life Swimming Pool

Time: varies, please consult diary on homepage

Session Details:

The session caters for all ages, starting from the club limit of 8 years old, and you must be capable of swimming a minimum of 50m unaided. This is a coached session, with Triathlon England qualified coaches poolside to guide you through pre defined sets and offer swim correction pointers. However please note this is not swimming lessons, juniors or adults who do not posses the basics are recommended to attend suitable lessons that are offered in both the locations we use.

The sessions cater for beginner to advanced swimmers, with lanes allocated as such. If you are unsure which lane to join, take the plunge as there is no problem moving lanes mid session until you find the right speed and capabilities.

This session focuses on Front Crawl stroke and follows a periodisation programme specific to the time of year. It aims to develop both swim stamina and technique. Distances range from 1.7km – 3km+ in the hour. You will need to bring your own swim suits and goggles as a minimum. As you progress you will need kick board, pull buoy, paddles and fins – these are not available for loan in either location. Please remove all jewellery before entering the pool, and people with long hair are advised to wear a swim cap.

This is a HUB Session  www.thetriathlonhub.com