Friday – Turbo/Bike/Run



Lowton High School – Newton Road, Lowton, WA3 1DU


Set up from 18:30h, session starts 18:45h and will run to 20:00h

Session Description:

The session caters for all ages, starting from the club limit of 8 years old.

For adults and more experienced athletes the programme follows a periodisation design, with endurance and technique through the early winter period, building up to hard intervals as the racing season commences. It is designed to increase your force production and is a very high intensity session. In most cases the turbo will be followed with short intense running intervals, designed to familiarise athletes with running on tired legs. Adults will need their own bikes, ideally with cadence and speed sensor fitted. The club owns a number of turbo trainers that can be used until regulars purchase their own. We advise everyone to bring a towel and drink.

For younger and less experienced cyclists, through winter they will follow a similar endurance programme as the adults, with shorter working intervals, and the same running off the bike. From spring the Turbo/Run session will include more running intervals between more frequent spin sets, with the  aim to develop T2 transition skills, getting used to running off the bike more and further develop cycling and running skills.  In summer months sessions may be switched to cycling outside around trails surrounding the training centre, again with T2 transition and running practice.

Club Bikes in 3 sizes and Turbo Trainers available on a first come first served basis and prioritised to subscribed club members – at busy times it is advised to bring your own bike and turbo if you have them.

This is a HUB Session