Wigan Triathlon Club Committee Duties

All Committee members are required to attend meetings regularly and, with other members of the Committee, to be responsible for arranging and delivering the functions of the club.


  • chair all Committee Meetings, the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Meetings
  • have the casting vote should meetings be tied on any one issue
  • notify Club Members promptly of any appointment, resignation or removal of Officers of the Committee
  • advise all Club Members of any changes to the Constitution
  • inform the British Triathlon Association if the Club ceases to operate, or is to be dissolved, and in doing so present a final statement of accounts
  • chair the Appeals Committee
  • consider the accounts of the Club and approve them if he/she considers them to be in order
  • to ensure that the functions of the club are delivered and that the officers of the Committee carry out their duties
  • to be a contact and spokesperson for the club
  • maintain relationship with BTF
  • maintain relationships with sponsors and partners
  • negotiate club membership discounts with retailers and suppliers
  • update website with and changes or amendments to negotiated deals


  • keep proper records of the Club’s financial transactions in a manner that can be audited and reported for approval at the AGM
  • maintain traceability of expenditure for current year +2 and make all records, procedures and accounts available on request
  • develop and implement control procedures to minimise the risk of financial exposure, such procedures to be approved by the Committee
  • ensure that bills are paid and cash is banked in accordance with these procedures
  • draw up annual accounts to 31 October each year, these accounts to be approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman following the Annual General Meeting
  • management of club grants
  • issuing invoices and receipts
  • work with a sub-committee of Club and/or Committee Officers to collect pool monies and maintain a roster of Members who have paid for swim blocks (if we implement this)


Club Responsibilities

  • give notice of all Committee Meetings, the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Meetings, together with an appropriate agenda
  • record the proceedings of all such meetings and document them as Minutes
  • deal with correspondence and handle all administrative matters for the Club including annual memberships of governing bodies
  • write and supply press releases on Club activity to external medium where appropriate

Membership Responsibilities

  • maintain a database of all Club Members
  • respond to enquiries from the website regarding Membership
  • collect membership subscription fees and bank these monies in the Club bank account within 7 days of collection of the monies, or in conjunction with TREASURER implement eMembership facility and combine listing from both options
  • report to the Committee every quarter regarding any changes to membership of the Club
  • maintain & distribute to approved recipients an emergency contact sheet for use at races
  • maintain content of the website for their designated area
  • welcome new members (personal email??)

Head Coach

  • Responsible for coaching standards and content
  • Provide a structure within which individual coaches can plan & deliver appropriate sessions with agreed coaching points
  • Ensure coaches are working to an acceptable level of quality and with a common approach
  • Set annual structure for coaching delivery, phased to an agreed race season
  • Distribute Coaching availability spreadsheet and allocate coaches on a monthly basis (this is visionary!)
  • Maintain a register of who has coached what on a monthly and annual basis
  • Maintain a register of who has attended each club session (in conjunction with club Treasurer where fees are involved)
  • Discuss and approve any proposed new sessions with the committee in advance
  • Regularly communicate with membership on coaching matters
  • Respond to enquiries relating to coaching matters from either potential new members and/or existing members
  • Identify potential coaches for BTF training and make recommendations to the committee
  • Agree budget for new coach training, additional training and coaching equipment in advance with Treasurer and committee
  • ensure training diary is maintained on the Web/google calendar, publicise any non standard training sessions with sufficient timing via Web of social media
  • Maintain respective section of website with regular articles published on coaching and training matters

Junior Club Representative

  • setting up and organising the Wigan Triathlon Club Junior section
  • act as main contact for new and existing junior members, facilitating queries for the club
  • ensure training sessions involving juniors have appropriate levels of risk assessments completed
  • plan and coordinate activities for junior members and potential members
  • provide club and training information to junior members
  • encourage participation of juniors in regional and club events
  • facilitate junior members attending competitions
  • recruit and manage junior coaches
  • work with other agencies such as local schools, sports partnerships and local authority sports development units to improve/sustain junior club membership
  • report to the AGM summary of junior activities
  • To be responsible for the implementation of good practice and child protection policies within the club, ensuring any coach having regular contact with juniors are CRB checked
  • Access funding for coaching and support for initiatives to help develop junior participation in triathlon
  • Maintain respective section of website with regular articles published on coaching and training matters targeted at junior members

Socials Co-ordinator**

  • present a programme for social functions, to be approved by the Committee
  • make all necessary arrangements for all social functions of the Club, including an annual Christmas Party and an annual Summer Barbecue
  • notify all Club Members of the social programme, and submit this programme to the Webmaster or inclusion on the website
  • collect all monies (where appropriate) from Club Members for all social functions, and bank these monies in the Club bank account within 7 days of collection of the monies
  • provide report to the Treasurer advising all monies banked
  • submit all invoices for payment of social functions to the Treasurer within 14 days of the social function

**role may be combined with another committee responsibility

Website and Data Co-ordinator

  • be responsible for the programming and maintenance of the site when new sections or pages need to be added; Note that the content of individual sections of the website are the responsibility of officers within that role (as agreed by the committee)
  • operation, maintenance, update and upgrade of the forum
  • ensure onsite and offsite backups of both forum and website happen on a scheduled basis
  • ensure that updates from those who are unable to post are posted no later than 7 days after they have been received by the Webmaster
  • manage all subscriptions, registrations, annual renewals and software payments as agreed with the treasurer and committee

Kit Co-ordinator

  • source suppliers for Club kit, subject to approval by the Committee
  • order the kit and arrange for logo printing (where appropriate)
  • collect all monies from Club Members and bank these monies within 7 days of collection
  • statements of stock levels must be submitted for review at committee meetings
  • obtain approval for all purchase decisions from the Treasurer (repeat orders) or Committee (new orders)
  • agree the pricing of items and stock levels to be maintained with the Treasurer
  • submit all invoices for payment to suppliers to the Treasurer within 14 days of receipt
  • publicise to members club kit designs, costs and availability
  • maintain content of the website for their designated area

Fixtures & Race Reports Co-ordinator

  • put together a race calendar of events for the year and post this to the website, updating with new races from Club Members as they are announced
  • collate details of events entered by Club Members into a fixture list on the race calendar, and post this to the website
  • ensure that the fixture list remains up-to-date
  • use the fixture list to compile a results sheet for each event, and post these results to the website no later than 7 days following the event
  • Responsible for organising a club internal race event
  • Responsible for co-ordinating volunteer marshalls
  • Responsible for organising a club race event that ticks BTF funding boxes and that is open to the public
  • appoint sub-committees and deputy officers as necessary to assist in organising these events
  • report back to committee on the progress of each event, and agree budgets with the Treasurer
  • encourage club members to write and maintain blogs on their race experiences for others to read